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The Internet is a place that can let anyone from anywhere access information and other types of content; and in an ideal world, they can do it freely.  Unfortunately, there are people who don’t believe in this idea.  That’s why you should buy a VPN with Tuxler. It can give you a way to bypass any restrictions that may be in place.

Here in the US, we take our freedoms for granted, but there are places where that kind of liberty doesn’t exist. It’s not like anything you would expect, and it may come as a surprise to you. Tuxler can give you the ability to use the Internet in the way that it was meant to be, and you can do it if you buy a VPN.

Buy a VPN for Internet Security

VPN’s are similar to proxies, but they are different in key ways.  Proxies are commonly used on the web, but you probably don’t know they’re there.  A proxy server is the middleman of the internet, because it facilitates the connection between a client and another area of the web.

You may need information or some other data from another area of a network, and a proxy server can connect you with whatever you may need.  That way, you can gain access to knowledge; and when you buy a VPN, you can do it anonymously.

With an international network of contributors who are willing to share their location and IP addresses, a user can access and request information from somewhere other than where he or she resides.

While this concept is a wonderful ideal, it is far from what is really true.  With VPN technology, it’s possible for an open network to exist, and you can use this freedom to your advantage.

The service we offer at Tuxler will give you access to the best in VPN technology.  Using our services come with a number of benefits, and here is an overview of what you can accomplish when you buy a VPN.

“Local Access”

With a network of users who can share location data, you have something powerful, because people can access the web as if they were doing it from somewhere else. There are several benefits to this this kind of technology, which can include:

  • Convenience — Whether you’re an individual or a small business, you will be able to access the Internet to the fullest no matter where you are located.
  • Full access — Being able to explore the Internet in the way it was designed is an ideal that we believe is possible. No matter where your travels take you, you should be able to have full access to the web no matter what kind of geographical restrictions may exist. When you buy a VPN, you can have this freedom.
  • Target Market — Being exposed to your target market is an important part of being a freelancer or publisher, and having full access to the web is important to your business.

Privacy and Security

Security is a major concern for someone surfing the web, but privacy is an issue for some.  Without a set of standards for protecting sensitive information, the online community would not be able to survive.  Web fraud and other types of online crimes are a major concern, and we don’t take this responsibility lightly. Using VPN technology can benefit you in the following ways:

  • Data Encryption — Securing information and data is part of being in an online community, and Tuxler can give you a safe browsing environment no matter what regulations may exist in your area.
  • Anonymity — People have different tolerance levels when it comes to sharing information on the web, and some people may not want someone else tracking their information. The amount of people on the web makes this level of anonymity easy to achieve.  Everyone should be able to surf the web according to his or her comfort level without any fear of being discovered.
  • IP Shifting — By using an IP address from another location, you can access the web without anyone knowing where you are or what you’re doing. When you buy a VPN from Tuxler, you can cover your online footprint.


Having the ability to surf without leaving your home you can give you insight into how your content is being received by people from different parts of the world. And VPN technology can help you in the following ways:

  • Visibility — Your business may depend on traffic coming from ads on other sites, so you need to have complete access to the Internet if you want to understand the success of your content. Advertisers need monitor the effectiveness of their campaigns and how they are impacting people around the world.
  • Monitoring — Your business may depend on traffic coming from other sites, but you you might want to offer space for businesses to advertise on your own site. You need to know if it will benefit your own content and its consumption by the end user.
  • Performance — Certain parts of the world may require different communication strategies. You can take advantage of international exposure by looking at how your messages are converting in different parts of the world.

Buy a VPN at Tuxler

Tuxler has experts who can create a powerful tool that can give you or your business the security you need.  If you have ever been concerned with your privacy and security, we can help you. Whether you’re using the web in a restricted area, or if you’re just concerned about privacy, Tuxler has all the resources you’ll ever need.

If you want to buy a VPN that can give you the security you need, get in touch with us today!