Welcome to Tuxler !

Hello everybody !

After months of work, we are finally ready to introduce Tuxler.

It”s fair to say that our team is young, intrepid and multicultural. With our different point of views, we were able to address a global answer to a unique problem : how can we make the Internet a smaller place then what it is today ? Tuxler brakes borders on the web, make people share their connection location, help users enhance their privacy and surf the Internet from any given location they want.

Tuxler is a social proxy network. Users share their Internet connection location with other users. There is no interaction, and no safety problem between users. You are able to be behind your computer in San Francisco, and connect to the web like if you were in Japan, France, London or Philadelphia. There are no more borders on the Internet with Tuxler.

Tuxler users just need to download our app, and they can straight away start browsing the web with no borders in just a click. It brings your Internet experience one step forward. At Tuxler, we really believe that it helps users gain more freedom and more privacy on the Internet.

Our story is one out of many others out there. We evaluated to 95-99% the users who need less then 5 destinations every day. So Tuxler is free for everybody except people who need an extensive use. For them we provide as many locations as they need for their particular use, may it be for business purposes or not. Although we really have a hippy groove at Tuxler, we consider that business is good. Thanks to our incomes we are able to provide better services for our free users, and greater value for our premium customers.

Enjoy surfing the web without borders !

Tony Lamothe, CEO of Tuxler