About Us

Tuxler was brought to existence by a team of passionates who wanted to improve the World. The Internet is no longer the same as it used to be, we are getting tracked and profiled on every step we take online. Artificial borders are being put to keep us in small boxes designed for us, hindering our growth and our right to grow and educate ourselves.

We have created Tuxler to give people back their right to surf the Web without any borders. Thanks to our great community Tuxler is now available for Free to everyone around the World.

Our users, who have decided to support this project, have helped countless individuals around the World to freely access the Internet. Tuxler has helped millions of people around the World to exercise their most important rights, the right to privacy, the right of free speech and the right to free pursuit of knowledge.

Tuxler is the first fully free VPN ever made. It allows you to change your connection location at any time and thanks to that you can surf the Web without any borders.

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